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Hi Michele and Brittany,

Thanks for the card and thank others in the office also. Nearly two and a half years ago I took for granted that BBBS just simply exists but I can see that it exists because of all your hard work and dedication. The biggest lesson for me has been you don't have to do everything in order to change something.

BBBS experience gave me a chance to appreciate even more all the support I received while growing up. Actually even now, I have people who support me in success or failure and serve as both safety nets and cheerers. It does mean a lot because while I may be enthusiastic about my random ideas, in the weaker less confident moments I do wonder about plans for failure.

Your reactions to the iPad gift made me wish I had provided more than one but I guess there's always next year (provided the economy doesn't take a nose dive and take all my savings with it like it did a few years ago). Something Michele said really got to me which is so many kids want the iPad for Christmas but they also know they won't get it because it's unrealistic. For kids who are not spoiled and do not have much, I believe that when they learn how to compromise on what they want, they start to compromise on their dreams and what's possible.

So without overpromising and the key word here is try, I'll try to budget things in such a way that for Christmas 2013, may be more than one kid can get whatever the new gadget is. I think it's not about just the kids who receive it, but even the ones who don't can see that if they push and work hard, there are people who believe and root for their success to a level that they didn't consider before. 

Have a great one.

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